My name is Gabrielle Atchison. I am currently a student at the University of Alabama, majoring in Apparel & Textiles with a concentration in Fashion Retail. I’ve been in love with fashion & beauty ever since I was little – of course I’ve had those moments where I look back and say, “Oh why did I wear that, why did I do that to myself?” … but hey thats life! I love to decorate as well, anything artsy or creative throw it my way. My style is all over the place. I dress for what I am feeling that day. One day I’m edgy, one day I’m sporty, one day I’m boho. You never know what you’re going to get. I’m all over the place, – but always put together. 

I just moved to Los Angeles, California as of August 3, 2016.  I am interning for a luxury lifestyle magazine called Angeleno, under the Modern Luxury umbrella (which has about 18 different cities). After I graduate to continue my hopes of being something that uses my creativity and something I enjoy waking up for on Monday mornings. In the future, I hope to own my own retail boutique or styling firm. With this blog I hope to bring you advice from my own personal style, stories along the way, life lessons, and anything else creative my mind brings me. Hope you enjoy! 

always xoxo,





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 blog instagram: @thebohobarbieblog

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email: thebohobarbie@yahoo.com

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