The Fall & Winter Staples You N E E D In Your Wardrobe NOW


From Jackets, to Overalls, to Jeans, to Dresses, the possibilities are endless. There are so many shades, so many different distresses, styles, and fits. You can really make them feel like your own.

As far as jackets go O V E R S I Z E D is definitely in & cropped too. Distress it up or keep it simple. Throw it on over dresses, leggings, skirts and it makes the perfect lightweight fall jacket. Overalls & Jumpsuits come in varieties of styles and you can either dress it up or or stay casual. The fact that jeans are all the rage has got me so excited. I love the two tone styles, and the cropped frayed ones. Distressed, high waisted, or boyfriend style you cannot go wrong.


I have 2 Black leather jackets that I wear religiously when the weather permits me to. I have one solid moto style one. And then one with embroidery and white stripes on the sleeves. That way I can switch it up and add some contrasting flare when i want to. Spice it up with a studded one like below (far right) – talk about gorgeous – or keep it simple (far left).

One of the best things about having a staple black leather jacket is it goes with EVERYTHING. Wear it with your denim, a dress, or layer on top of sweaters and you will be the coolest girl in the room.


Keep warm or cool in your favorite layers. Sweater cardigans or dusters, army jackets, and sweatshirts are just what you need. Possibly all three. Nope, you absolutely need all three.

O V E R S I Z E D sweater dusters/cardigans can make you feel like you never left bed, just keep the clothes underneath somewhat fitting so you don’t lose your shape. Don’t go oversized on top of oversized. — Unless your going with an O V E R S I Z E D army style jacket. It pairs perfectly with oversized t shirt dress or your favorite tee and leggings. The cropped sweatshirt is my fave I like to throw it on and tie another jacket around my waist. Layers can add color, texture, pattern, and diversity to your overall outfit.


Stop, drop, and throw away those old worn out basic leggings you have and invest in these beauties. You won’t even realize why you bothered with those plain old boring things anyways.

Leather moto leggings, give that edgy feel that you can use in ath-leisure wear or dressy attire. Joggers are just so comfy and give a different look than just your regular ole leggings, and you’ll never want to take them off. OR just try a simple pair of slit knee leggings, simple enough but different enough as well to feel like you updated your wardrobe.

Okay, So you got them all? YOU’RE SET.

Don’t have some? Need help finding anything? Need me to help you find something to wear with them? Need a personal stylist to come shopping with you?

Don’t S T R E S S babes! I am here to help.

Message me on any social media platform, or email me at with questions or pictures and I will be more than happy to help.

INSTAGRAM: @gatchison / FACEBOOK: / SNAPCHAT: @gabatchison / EMAIL:


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