Mood Changing Outfits

Why is there Fashion in this world? To protect us, sure. Originally. But now-a-days it’s about expressing yourself.

I changed the tagline of my website to – wear what you feel -. Outfits can change how I feel or change my mood. I can be at sweats and a big tee at home and feel sluggish, but when it’s time to go somewhere and I put on something different, I start to feel different. I laugh at myself when I say this, but my outfits have an attitude.

Everyday I dress for what I feel. Outfits can express an attitude. And that’s just what I’m gonna show you.

I’ve added links to the different outfit pieces, so if you want to find the item or something similar it will open the product in a new tab to shop!


“Sporty Spice”



This look makes me feel energized and comfortable. I feel like I can do anything from grocery shopping, to taking a walk around the city, to going to class. I paired some spandex high-waisted pants, with a simple heather gray colored crop top and I went with a cropped jean jacket rather than the oversized jacket for a different look that cuts the outfit into bold pieces. Throwing on a hat can completely change the outfit game. I think baseball hats are so in right now and can go with so many different styles. It gives the look an added extra sporty feel with the sneakers.

•shoes: adidas • pants: showpo

• crop top: no idea (one similar here) • hat: urban outfitters • jacket: had since I was in 7th grade lol (one similar here)

” Western Spunk “



Who doesn’t love just a comfortable and casual go-to outfit. The feelings I get in this outfit is uniqueness, a sense of spunk, and a little edge. I made these cut-offs from the thrift store of old men’s jeans. I have a big bottom and a small waist so it’s hard for me to find shorts or pants that fit right. So making them and cutting them to the length and fit I want works best for me – And i get to distress them to my liking, which is always fun. I paired the shorts with a cut out sides light sweater tank, a new trendy style double belt, and some booties. This gives the look a casual, but fun upbeat look. I love the brick color and pattern on the sweater. It can work with so many different looks. The belt I wear all the time and there’s no doubt you won’t see it again in another post.

• shorts: thrift store – made by me (some similar here)• top: express • belt: nasty gal • booties: old from belk (some similar here)

” Sexy Sophistication “


Now this outfit can make you go from glum to glamorous in an instant. This dress can be causal or dressed up. The dress is not supposed to wrap around the neck like a choker, but supposed to tie in the back. I am just weird and I like it better with it choker-like. I love the light mauve pink color and the taupe colors together. They give it a sense of sophistication. The ribbed dress and suede on both the jacket and shoes give it a textural difference that is pleasing to the eye. This look is perfect from going to work or straight to a night out. The shoes and jacket I am in love with. The jacket is cut so slimming and the shoes really give the outfit the extra oomph that it needs. The dress is from Pacsun within the Kendall & Kylie collection and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved a lot of pieces in the collection and they meshed really well together.

• dress: pacsun – kendall kylie collection • jacket: zara • shoes: nordstrom – vince camuto • sunglasses: (these are sold out, but some similar here)

Well that’s it for now in LA. I have some exciting new collaborations with companies and exciting events to keep you updated. Can’t wait to share more!

Thanks for all your love and support.



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