Well this is completely embarrassing, I haven’t posted in so long. But I do have a great excuse… I have moved to Los Angeles, California! Exciting? Yes. Scary? Absolutely. Loving it? More and more everyday.


I traveled to LA in March with my best friend, Haley. – “Hey Haley, I love you & miss you!” I interviewed at several companies. And I accepted the one I saw most fit, Angeleno Magazine. Angeleno is a high-end luxury lifestyle magazine. They are under the Modern Luxury umbrella which has I think about 18 city magazines throughout the U.S. Check out the one closest to you & you can read the latest issues online @ Modern Luxury. At the LA office they have 3 Magazines: Angeleno (luxury city & lifestyle for Los Angeles), Interiors California (luxury interior design & decorating), and Brides California (luxury bridal magazine for all things CA). I’m doing amazing things everyday! Sending gifts to designers and celebrities that I know and adore. Throwing and attending parties of 500+ important / famous people. Having a drink and talking to the next bachelor, Nick Viall. Yes, that actually happened a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait to share more later.


– interviewing in march –

I cannot tell you how amazing this move has been. I love having perfect weather everyday. I love living near the beach, near the mountains, and the desert. It’s seriously a dream. The only thing is this traffic and the drivers.  This sounds terrible, but I’ve just had to learn how to be a &!~%#. Which includes: ignoring people, getting an attitude back at rude people in the target line, cutting people off, honking at people for cutting me off (lol), and lots of RBF looks. You have to live here for a while to understand why. Everyday I just try to make it to the place I’m going in one piece. My road rage has never been better!


^ On that note, this past year has just been a huge growing and learning experience for me. I had to kind of take on a lot of maturity. I finally realized that this life I was given is MINE and NO ONE elses. I do with it what I want. I can’t let other people walk all over me and treat me in ways I don’t want to be treated. Also, PEOPLE! I’ve never heard anything more real than “The kind of people you surround yourself with, is the kind of person you become.” If you’re not happy in life, if the people who you surround yourself with bring you down emotionally, physically, verbally – in the words of my homegirl JoJo: “GET OUT! LEAVE, RIGHT NOW!” It will bring you to a dark place, where you feel trapped and miserable. Instead, choose what is best for your life. People who are positive, who love you unconditionally, people who you can laugh for hours with then have a deep life changing talk with. People who make you smile, make you cry tears of JOY, people you miss the minute they walk out the door. People who are GENUINELY happy for OTHER PEOPLE. People who make you the best version of yourself. People who love themselves, because how can you love others if you don’t even love yourself. It makes me tear up just thinking about how much time I feel like I’ve wasted letting people into my life that didn’t bring positive outcomes. But that is how I learn and I grow. God places people in your life for a reason and that’s all I can think about. Please know that every one of you are special and loved and one day will find someone who believes that about you, which many people already do.



Now that I’ve figured myself out and figured out what I want to do in life. I did what is best for MYSELF. Wow, Did you hear that? Myself. It finally feels good to say that – & NO it’s not selfish. You gotta do what’s right for you, girlfriend or guyfriend, whoever you are.  I moved here for myself. To pursue my dreams and do what is best for my career. And it couldn’t have been a better decision. If you want to move to Hawaii to become a hula dancer, GO FOR IT. If you want to move to Greece to scoop ice cream, by all means DO IT. If that’s what is your passion and makes you happy, do it. Don’t let anyone hold you back. I moved here with no friends, no set home, no parents, no one really, no map of what my life was going to be like when I got here. Sure, I’d been here a few times and that’s where I fell in love, but honestly it’s scary. I cried for days because I had to leave my family, my best friend, my precious pets, and everyone back at home and move 2000+ miles away where I knew NO ONE. I’ve had to adjust, meet new people, and just venture out. I’ve had to step completely out of my box and I may have only been here for a month and a half but… it’s changed my life in amazing ways. You just have to take risks sometimes. You have to be CONFIDENT in who you are and just go for it and never regret things. One of my favorite ‘rappers’ I guess you would say, has an amazing last few words that describe exactly how I’m feeling and I’d like to share them as I wrap this up.

Risk. There’s no chance to evolve and progress without taking risks. I feel like it’s the necessary element to self-developement. You know, like it’s the key to living life to the fullest. Risk, according to Webster is: the chance of injury, damage, loss, the failure of your expectations. But, I realize that it’s also the opportunity to learn and gain a fulfillment of your desires and dreams. When I think of risk or just what risk means I feel like I might think of being afraid, or when really risk is a way to overcome what you fear. You can’t be afraid to risk something or everything because you don’t want to lose what you have. Because you’re afraid you may fail or think you can’t handle it or whatever the case. You’ll spend so much energy and time trying to keep what you have instead of progressing into something new. Everything changes, nothing stays the same forever, Nothing. From business to personal, everything in between. I realize that you can’t be afraid. A lot of us aren’t all the way satisfied but are scared to lose security in what we do have. Like I might not be able to get a better job or a better partner, etc. Or even as bad as prison is, you know, there are people who don’t want to leave because they’re afraid of what’s on the outside or being able to succeed. The number one thing I’ve got to remind myself sometimes or remember is that life is here not to survive, but to live it up, to expand, to grow. When you settle for what’s familiar or safe, it’s because we forget that God is our security. God is creating all this. And that’s the only security, you know. You can try to find security in people, in jobs or in anything man-made but it’s no point because everything is designed to change, including you. Most people who have successfully taken risks and succeeded have failed too. But the point is you learn from every lesson, you learn from every risk. Change is always exciting. It’s always exciting when you know God is involved. The world is designed for change. Don’t ever be afraid to take risks.” – Big Sean

That got deep real fast, but I think I needed to share this because maybe someone out there needs to hear it. You never know.

Until next time loves.






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