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Happy Fall Everyone!

   I apologize on my behalf of not posting regularly. I have had many set backs in getting another post up, but here we are! I’m very excited for you guys to see this one. I’m learning so much in my fashion classes right now & excited to share more with you later. I’m in the process of preparing to go on my internship in the Fall of 2016. I’m pretty set on going to Nashville, one of my absolute favorite places.

Anyways, my beautiful friend and co-worker, Haley, helped me get some pictures in yesterday super quick (So thankful for you <3). You will see many sunglasses throughout my pictures and these are currently for sale at inVision. They have 2 locations, Birmingham & Tuscaloosa. Along with the sale of sunglasses they provide eye exams, LASIK, Botox, and etc. Great prices & great people definitely need to check them out!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.51.35 AM

 Photo Nov 05, 7 29 26 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 28 22 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 30 05 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 30 34 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 28 51 PM

I have fallen in love with swing dresses. You can never go wrong & they are flattering on well… pretty much ANYONE.  All these items are so versatile. This ribbed grey swing dress came from one of my favorite online shops in Australia, ShowPo. They are so reasonably priced and have the cutest stuff. America… you need to catch up to Aussie style. I also got this amazing necklace from their website for ONLY $14. I know- mindblowing, but you need to check out their collection. The hat is of course Lucky Brand. Can’t go wrong with any of their hats.

Get This Dress Here.  / Get The Princess Warrior Necklace. / Get A Sassy Hat. /

Photo Nov 05, 7 37 56 PM  Photo Nov 05, 7 36 33 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 38 39 PMPhoto Nov 05, 7 37 04 PM

This look as my friend said reminds her of Clueless… and I love that & that movie. You can easily recreate this look just throw on a black tube skirt (don’t throw those babies away, they can still be in style). A cropped sweater, tie any color flannel around your waist, throw on some booties & you are set. This look is so fun for going out with your friends or traveling. Little to no jewelry but a short shoulder bag can be the perfect accessory. I personally own these raybans in the matte tortoise color & never leave the house without them. Invision sells these – & here is the website link to ray ban. You can even try them on virtually from the ray-ban app.

Get These Sunglasses

Photo Nov 05, 7 34 13 PM

[ when you see bae coming your way ]

Photo Nov 05, 7 39 36 PMPhoto Nov 05, 7 39 10 PM   Photo Nov 05, 7 39 59 PMPhoto Nov 05, 7 40 23 PM

okay… How FIRE indexare those sunglasses. But those purple flare cords tho, OMG. Talk about warm, comfortable, and stylish. These Free People flare cords come in lots of colors and can be worn with numerous things. The top is also Free People. It comes in some awesome colors for fall. Simple white button down looks cute tucked in or out, with flares, boyfriend jeans, or skirts. Went monochromatic on the jewelry – a simple purple pendant & chain. Be looking professional but fabulous where ever in this shirt. – featuring my otbts that you can’t see. ( Shout out to my roommate Abbie who thinks flares are pointless when you can’t see  your feet- cause this is fab. 🙂 )

Get Flash Lense Aviators / Get Your Super Flare Cords / Get A Drop Seam Button Down

Photo Nov 05, 7 40 48 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 41 43 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 41 15 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 42 00 PM

Amazing look for fall. Skinnys, Oversized Graphic Tee, Cardigan, Booties, Hat – and your fashion forward. I looked forever for some black distressed denim & found the perfect pair at Express. The cardigan is Urban Outfitters, they can’t disapoint. The booties are from Belk, and of course the hat is Lucky Brand. This tee is one of my favorites it is beyond soft, and it’s boyfriend fit & i wear it almost every week (sorry not sorry). One of my favorite and inspirational bloggers I follow is CARA LOREN. Go follow her instagram because she will change your life. She just recently started designing her own clothes and I have fallen head over heels in love with everything. Please check out her shop & order you something if anything a tee, cause you won’t regret it. ( I love you CARA!)

Cara Loren’s Shop / 
Get These Pants

Photo Nov 05, 7 42 36 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 42 21 PM

Photo Nov 05, 7 43 55 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 44 39 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 45 00 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 45 31 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 45 52 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 46 38 PM Photo Nov 05, 7 47 17 PM

Photo Nov 05, 7 20 34 PM

Another look similar to the last one with a little twist. Distressed blue jeans from express are amazing, just like the black jeans they are like 40% spandex so they feel & move like leggings but with a complete denim look. Get a simple soft v-neck tee tie it too the side for a sassy bit of texture. Add a cardigan like this one from Urban & a coin necklace like this one from ShowPo then complete it with combat boots or other booties & some avaitors and people can’t take their eyes off you.

Get These Jeans / Get This Necklace

Feedback? – Questions? – Requests?

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I just got confirmation that i’ve been chosen to be a College Fashionista Style Guru for the Spring 2016 & if you would like to recieve an email when i post on their, please leave your email. I must have a collection of at least 25 to the company before December 1st. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.45.21 PM


Once again thanks to Haley Hughes <3, inVision, & every retailer I mentioned. Thanks for keeping up with my blog, it means A TON.

stay fabulous – xoxo,


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