End of Summer Quick Photoshoot 2015

Hello loves! I’ve had so many of you ask me why i haven’t been blogging… I am so so sorry. I have been so busy with work & school, and traveling. I finally went to LA this summer to visit my brother out there, and it was AH-MAZING. —> Blog on that later.

Alongside from that, I just moved into a new townhouse that is just beautiful, blog on that later too <3. But I felt so bad about not blogging since well… Christmas. Wow, thats so sad.

But Raley and I grabbed my iPhone and took some quick pics today around our neighborhood. Didn’t find too many good pics today so we just had to go with what we got!

( Started working at an adorable boutique in downtown Tuscaloosa in March, and a lot of my clothes come from them now. Follow us on instagram: @truidentityttown )

[ First Look ]


This open back top and jeans is adorable for any outing. Pair it with a colored bralette and a doubled choker necklace for a simple & cute look.

[ Shirt: Tru Identity ] [ Jeans: Urban Outfitters ] [ Necklace: Tru Identity ]

[ Second Look ]


Tye-dye / Ombre / & Mineral Wash are VERY in this season. I picked this adorable romper up when i was in LA. Love pairing it with booties and a bralette for a little texture and edge. Yes these booties are in like every blog post, but i love them so much, most versatile things in my closet.

[ Romper: Planet Blue / LA ] [ Necklace: Lucky Brand ] [ Booties: Belk ]

[ Third Look ]



Yes, converse, high waisted denim, and tye-dye. I went mainstream, y’all. But she looks adorable and she needs to wear her hair like this more often. Just cute and light enough to keep you cool in the summer. #sk8tergurl

[ Tank: Forever 21 ] [ Shorts: Selphi – Tuscaloosa ]

[ Fourth Look ]

IMG_4677 IMG_4674

I have officially become obsessed with swing dresses. They fit everyones shape and are so comfortable. We have soooo many styles at Tru and this one featured is purple ombre to gray. Dress it up with jewelry and heels for the perfect comfy dressed-up look.

[ Dress: Tru Identity ] [ Heels: OTBT ] [ Necklace: Lucky Brand ]

[ Fifth Look ]

IMG_4692  IMG_4695IMG_4693

Speaking of swing dresses here is a beautiful printed one. Looks great on everyone, so simple to throw on and go somewhere. Perfect with flats, heels, booties… etc. I really don’t think you can go wrong with these.

[ Dress: TJ MaXX ] [ Heels: OTBT ]

[ Sixth Look ]

IMG_4718 IMG_4723 IMG_4739 IMG_4740bedstu antwerp

Let me tell you, when we get these Tanks in the store… they FLY out the door. I can understand why. The shape, the look, the feel.. Everything about these tanks are amazing. I have this in this green color as well as a maroon color. Easily my go-to shirt whenever i don’t have time too find something to wear or just don’t feel like it.

[ Tank: Tru Identity ] [ Jeans: Tru Identity / Articles of Society ] [ Booties: BedStu- Antwerp ] [ Necklace: Lucky Brand ]

[ Seventh Look ] 

IMG_4847 IMG_4851 IMG_4862 IMG_4867IMG_4926

Black / Brown / & Neutrals can work. Whoever told you wrong hasn’t seen this outfit. Perfect for a night out in the summer. This shirt is originally suppose to fit normally but i bought a larger size and made it an off-the-shoulder shirt because i liked it better.

[ Shirt: Tru Identity ] [ Shorts: Forever 21 ] [ Necklace: Amy Louise / Tru Identity ] [ Booties: Forever 21 ]

[ Eighth Look ]

IMG_4896 IMG_4920IMG_4910IMG_4932

Yes, more tye-dye. I am not normally a print person but love the look and feel of this shirt. Picked this one up in Cali too ❤

[ Shirt: Planet Blue / LA ] [ Jeans: Free People ]

[ Ninth Look ]

IMG_4763 IMG_4777 IMG_4765 IMG_4766 IMG_4829

Texture on Texture. Lace & Suede. Love the look of neutrals with a pop of color from the necklace. Cant go wrong with playing around with your textures.

[ Shirt: Express ] [ Shorts: Forever 21 ] [ Necklace: Tru Identity ]

[ Heels: Antelope ]

[ Final Look! ] 

IMG_4838 IMG_4801 IMG_4806 IMG_4808 IMG_4793

Inspiration: Summer Festivals. Love the mix of lace from the top and lace on the  bottom of the shorts for almost a matching set. Add some layered jewelry and booties and your ready to go.

[ Top: Earthbound ] [ Shorts: Free People ] [ Booties: Belk ] [ Necklace: Belk ] [ Hat: Lucky Brand ]

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