Christmas & Winter Style Blog

Merry Christmas! Today, I bring to you the Christmas & Winter Style Blog. I had a lot of fun with these shoots!

I have to give a huge credit to the amazing photographer, Sandy Danh. College has allowed me to meet some amazing friends, and she is one of the sweetest most fun ones yet!

Also thank you to my other two beautiful models, Dalton, whom has been on before, and also Halee, a sweet high school friend who attends Samford University.

We had some trouble with the lighting this dark at night, so bare with me. I’m also missing where some of their items are coming from, but they will be edited and posted as soon as i get them!

Also, remember you can click any picture to enlarge, enjoy!

Lets get into it: ❤


IMG_5951  Here is one of my favorite hats just recently purchased. Paired with a new recent purchase, some heeled leather black booties. The dark look of the denim and the gray caped shirt, paired with the burnt orange hat create a great contrast and balance out this dark look. The jacket featured is one i bought in Highlands, North Carolina at this little boutique, soooo warm and fashionable. It literally feels like I’m wearing a blanket.

[ Hat: Lucky Brand ] [ Caped Shirt: Free People ] [ Jeans: Forever 21 ] [ Booties: Cathy Jean ] [ Necklace: Lucky Brand ] [ Jacket: Boutique in Highlands, NC ]

IMG_5938_11 IMG_5952

Here comes the lovely Halee:

IMG_5933_5 IMG_5937_10


IMG_5955 IMG_5953IMG_5950   IMG_5956 IMG_5934_10IMG_5936_10

She’s so photogenic, there was not one bad photo of her. Her outfit, i love because of layering. So easy to do in the winter and always adds texture, color, and pizazz to any outfit you want to transform. I’m telling you the easiest way to layer is with Free People slips, they have so many different kinds and I also have the white one of this I used in my Fall Blog. Pair with leggings, tights, or denim.. add some cute socks & booties, your done!

[ Red Thermal Shirt: Free People ] [ Gray Lace Slip: Free People ] [ Jeans: Ralph Lauren ] [ Booties: Gus Mayer (Toas Brand) ] [ Socks: ]

On to the next scene where Dalton joined us 🙂 The lighting was hard to get going here too, but we did the best!

IMG_5976_16 IMG_5978_16 IMG_5982_16 IMG_5979_16

It’s Winter, and you know what that means… FLANNEL Time! Flannel can be used in many different ways, here i paired 3 different types of flannel different ways!

First we have Dalton in Dressy Flannel. This cute flannel shirt is made to Flare at the bottom, its more of a dressy flannel it doesn’t unbutton all the way and is made to slip on. I paired it with these great corduroy flare pants and some very cute wedge booties. Oh, and the shirt has pockets, it couldn’t get any better.

IMG_5983_16 IMG_5980_16 IMG_5989_16 IMG_5977_16

[ Flannel Shirt: Free People ] [ Pants: Free People ] [ Booties: Leahs ]

Next up is Halee! She’s dressed in a more casual way to wear Flannel. Her shirt is a regular flannel that buttons all the way down. I love the pattern on this flannel and it looks fantastic paired with the socks and red boots! Great way to look cute and casual in a winter outdoorsy way.

IMG_5991 IMG_5988_16 IMG_5986_16 IMG_5984

[ Flannel Shirt: Ralph Lauren ] [ Jeans: Ralph Lauren ] [ Red Boots: Lucky Brand ] [ Socks: ]

& if you haven’t picked up “A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet” you need to NOW! My high school English teacher & wonderful friend, Mrs. Sophie Hudson wrote this book. I cried and I laughed, it kept me so entertained.

Next is me! I recently got this flannel and it might be the softest thing in the world. It’s from Madewell, one of my new favorite stores. It’s one of their oversized flannel it has pockets, one of my favorite things ever. It’s a little more dressy than the regular flannel. Since it isn’t like normal patterned flannel, i paired it with this great quilted vest. The olive green is a great color with the gray, and i love the accented gold on the vest. I paired it with jeans and some combat boots to give that outdoorsy feel.

IMG_5990 IMG_5987_16 IMG_5992_17


[ Gray Flannel: Madewell ] [ Vest: Old Navy ] [ Jeans: Forever 21 ] [ Combat Boots: Steve Madden ]

Anyone got a holiday party coming up soon? Here’s some outfits that might inspire you.

IMG_6008_12 IMG_6020_12 IMG_6015_11 IMG_6010_11 IMG_6019_11

Dalton:  [ Velvet Tank: Free People ] [ Leather Skirt: Free People ] [ Sweater: Forever 21 ] [ Lace Heeled Combat Boots: Jeffrey Campbell ] [ Hat: Free People ]

Halee: [ Slip: Free People ] [ Dress: Free People ] [ Socks: ] [ Boots: ] [ Necklace: ]

IMG_6009_11 IMG_6017_11 IMG_6013_11 IMG_6018_11 IMG_6012_11 IMG_6016_11

Me: [ Dress: Free People ] [ Boots: Buckle ] [ Socks: Free People ]

Once again, we have simple, with dress and knee high boots & socks. Then we have layering colors with patterns & textures. Then we have mixing textures of leather, velvet, and lace. All creating eye catching outfits for any holiday get together.

& finally my favorite… Either your laying around the house with your girlfriends, family, or special someone theres a way to look cute and comfy for those lazy nights by the fire. ( We are drinking “Sparkling Cider” no alcohol for us ladies, under 21 😉 )

IMG_6031-2_18 IMG_6032-2_18 IMG_6037-2_18


What better way to cozy up while calling Santa than with Free People sweaters?


Me: [ Sweater: Free People ] [ Socks: Free People ] [ Bralette: Free People ] Halee: [ Sweater: Free People ] [ Bralette: Free People ] [ Leg Warmers: ] Dalton: [ Sweater: Free People ] [ Bralette: Free People ] [ Velvet leggings: tobi ]

It’s comfy, it’s oversized, it’s colorful, it’s what everyone needs for Christmas. You can wear these sweaters laying around, out for the day, or layered as a dress. Perfect for any occasion.

IMG_6079-2_18 IMG_6077-1_18 IMG_6081-2_19

IMG_6071-1_18 IMG_6076-1_18 IMG_6080-1_18IMG_6082-1



As i close, remember that gifts aren’t the only thing that matter this time of year. Surrounding yourself with loved ones and giving to those to who don’t have much are truly the spirit of christmas. Most importantly is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas will always be with a capital C in my heart!

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your love and support ❤

Bloopers are down below, for those who enjoy ugly pictures.

xoxo – thebohobarbie

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