I’m Back Ya’ll!

Hello again! So sorry i haven’t posted in a while, been super busy and we just had our spring break. I got the privilege to go visit my cousins in Texas and it was amazing. I also turned 19 on the 20th of March, with Raley! (same bday) and that was great, as well i got to meet SoMo one of my favorite singers. Still so thankful for all the encouragement and love from everyone about this blog! Ya’ll are awesome! Heres a quick slideshow if your interested in any of my adventures the past couple weeks, if not… keep scrolling for the photoshoot 🙂 [CLICK ANY PICTURE TO ENLARGE]

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[ Location: Sunny Meadows ]

[ Raley’s First Look ]

I love how free, and earthy this feels on her. High waisted shorts are one of my favorite items to wear for spring and summer. And as you’ve seen before, i love bell sleeves and when i saw these sleeves i knew i had to have this.  What’s better than a bell sleeve that’s embroidered and has fringe? Simple jewelry cause the sleeves are so powerful.

IMG_2830IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2840                                                                   IMG_2833

Top: [ Boutique in Texas ] Shorts: [ Urban Outfitters ] Necklace: [Forever 21]

[ My First Look ] 

I am so obsessed with this hat. I didn’t realize the outfit would look so dark on camera, but whatever i still think it’s cool.  These are new darker free people flare jeans, than the others in my other posts. The shirt is so comfortable because it’s made of a silky material. The bracelet is so different, i love the look of the suede and the antique looking piece on it.


Shirt: [Express] Necklace: [Forever 21] Bracelet: [Free People] Jeans: [Free People]


Okay, now lets talk about this bag. I knew i had to have one of these ‘one of a kind bags’ the second i saw them. If you saw the last post, Judith, well… her mother and a friend make these bags out of scrap leather and add fringe, or any kind of antique or embellishment to these bags. They are in all different sizes and shapes. I just told her what i wanted on it and she made it for me! It was a great price for it being ‘one of a kind’. They are sold in several different boutiques across the south and you can find them on their website. oldclutch.com

[ Raley’s Second Look ] 

What i love about this look is that it’s edgy and cute at the same time. This may look like a super short dress, but it is a romper (its shorts).  So comfortable and floral for spring! I like that the combat boots bring that edginess into the cute and play it up. I did her hair in this really pretty loose and messy fishtail braid, may not be able to tell in some of these pictures, we were trying to find good lighting.


Romper: [Free People] Boots: [Steve Madden/ Belk] Braclets: [Forever 21]

[ My Second Look ]

I’m not a big fan of how the shirt looks in these pictures it’s much cuter in person and if you felt it, you would die. Softest shirt ever. It’s really figure flattering with the v shape through the front. I love the racer back bralettes as well as the halter ones I’ve showed in the past. These play up any look with that little touch of lace.

IMG_2850IMG_2851IMG_2849                                           IMG_2848

Shirt: [Free People] Bralette: [Free People] Jeans: [Free People]

[ Raley’s Third Look ] 

This looked great on Raley. Well.. anything does but i love these pictures. I layered a bralette with a simple flowy white tee/tank. I love the edge of this outfit as well. The embroidered high waisted shorts are so cute on her. The simple pendant necklace just adds a little extra pop of color, along with her red lips.


….. Stunning Right? This is when we realized we found the right lighting.

Shirt:[Free People] Bralette: [Free People] Shorts: [Forever 21] Necklace: [Belk] Boots: [Belk]

[ My Final Looks ]

This is one of my favorites. I have recently lost a good amount of weight so i had to go buy me some new shorts,and i love the wash on these. The i just love the whole effortless look of this outfit. It’s so comfortable and great for hot weather. And the necklace i didn’t expect Charming Charlie’s would have something like this. It’s layered like you know i love, it has a bird, a feather, and a crystal. It’s so simple but just enough to complete this outfit.

And YES I KNOW MY ROOTS ARE AWFUL. I am getting my hair done this week. 😦


Tank: [Free People] Shorts: [Urban Outfitters] Necklace: [Charming Charlie]

Ok, this poncho is great. It’s so light and airy and just can wear it with anything. I just threw it over some jeans, and added a cute feather necklace to tie it together.

IMG_2863IMG_2864IMG_2865                   IMG_2868

Poncho: [Free People] Necklace: [A Gift] Bralette: [Free People]

Well, that about wraps this up… I’m so thankful for such a precious friendship with Raley and her being so on board with being my model. Laughter is the key to our friendship, no matter what and i wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Thank You! ❤ thebohobarbie   //  Bloopers & Extras:

2 thoughts on “I’m Back Ya’ll!

  1. Molly says:

    PLEASE tell me where you got the red bell sleeve top from! It is the most beautiful top I’ve ever seen I’m obsessed! 🙂

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