styling shoot #2

Well… i’m back! Sorry it’s been a while, but here I am! Judith is so beautiful and was so gracious to be one of my models today. We totally could not find the right poses, so half of these are silly. But, here’s just a few things thrown together today. ENJOY!

[ location: the jungle / highway 280 ]

Remember you can click on any picture to ENLARGE!

[Hair: fishtail braid ]


Judith’s First Outfit: I love this look. Like i said before Free People jeans are one of my favorite things in this world… along with almost anything they make. The flare and the added embroidery at the bottom are too cute. I also love the way the shirt opens in the back so its really comfy. Bralettes add the extra pop of color or extra texture of lace to anything.


[Shirt: Free People] [Bralette: Free People] [Jeans: Free People] [Shoes: OTBT ]  [Necklace: Soca? ]

My First Look: I like the flowiness of this next outfit.. if that is even a word. These pants are ultra thin and so comfortable so is the top. It’s so effortless. I like the look of the embroidery and detail of the shirt on top of the bold pattern of the pants. By the way, the pants have elephants around the bottom… Roll Tide.


lets just talk about how awkward this next pic is — > hahahahaha


[Shirt: Free People] [Pants: Earthbound]

Judith’s Second Look: It’s for those chilly/hot days when our weather can’t decide what it wants and your not sure what to wear.



[Shirt: TJ MAXX] [Bralette: Free People] [Shorts: Leah’s/Free People]  Shoes:[ OTBT] Jewelry: [Her mom made it!]

My Second Look: This free people slip is one of the most versatile pieces i own. It can be worn as a dress, or go under so many things. It’s up to you to wear it however you want.



Dress/Slip: Free People] [Bralette: Free People] [Sweater: Forever 21] [Shoes: Belk] [Necklace: Forever 21]

The Hair: Simple braid from bangs into quick messy bun.


Judith’s Third Look: Love this little piece on her. I like that lace up in the back and how just earthy and flowy it is. So many ways to wear it for spring or summer.


[Dress/Shirt: Soca ] [Bralette: Free People]

My Third Look: This shirt is like sweatshirt material on the inside, its so comfortable. And of course my favorite free people flare jeans. My fav thing about this shirt is the triangle cut out detail at the neckline.


[Shirt: Altar’d State] [Jeans: Free People] [Bralette: Free People] [Necklace: Compliments to Raley for leaving it in my car, thanks:) ]


That’s a wrap up, below are the rest of the pics and candids. Thanks for visiting ❤ thebohobarbie

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