the first photoshoot

Hello everyone! So excited about sharing my first quick photo shoot with y’all! My beautiful best friend and next-year roomie agreed to let me take some photos of her, because she’s beautiful and model status. Anyways, we didn’t have anywhere to change (except the car) and we were racing for time. So therefore, these are just quick and thrown together in five minutes, but hopefully everyone will find them inspirational and enjoy! Click on Any Picture to Enlarge! ❤

Hair & Makeup: (me) Location: (Morris Avenue – Birmingham, AL)

IMG_1479 IMG_1481 IMG_1480 IMG_1484 IMG_1485         IMG_1478

Hair: [ I simply just curled her hair with about a 2 1/2” iron that i have. Then hair sprayed and ran my fingers through it. I then started a french braid from the bangs to the back and joined it together with the braid that started from the opposite side. I bobby pinned them underneath so they wouldn’t be visible. Took about 10 minutes, super easy to do. ]

Isn’t she beautiful.. i mean you haven’t even seen her face.. but i love her, and she’s a sweetheart. Continuing on…

Raley’s 1st Outfit: [ Raley is wearing all of her own clothes. This look is very edgy and its completely Raley’s style as well.]

IMG_1493  IMG_1487IMG_1510 IMG_1492
Shorts: [Urban Outfitters] Shirt: [Forever 21] Sweater: [Forever 21] Boots: [Belk]

And she looks amazing. High-waisted shorts are a must in any wardrobe this spring/summer or even winter/fall when you want to wear them with tights. They go perfectly with this simple black spaghetti strap trimmed in lace. The sweater is crazy beautiful. The creme with the see-through type fabric is perfect for this outfit. It covers up the back just enough and leaves you that comfy feel anywhere you go. The combat boots look great with this look, tying it together, giving it the edge factor.

Accessories: [ I used my accessories to help Raley add a little bling to the edge. ]


Long Layered Necklace: [Forever 21]  Short Simple Necklace: [Forever 21] Rings: [Claire’s]

I styled Raley in some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Like I said in my “first find” post, layering jewelry is huge this year. I bought this long necklace from Forever 21 just because it was already layered and super cute. The other necklace is also from Forever 21. Layering them is great at different heights, which was perfect in this case. As for me, I love rings. They are my favorite accessory. The more the merrier, I say. (my rings didn’t quite fit raley.. they only fit her pinky… so that’s why its a little more bare here, haha.)

My 1st Outfit; [ Just a quick put together, i thought that would be cute for a day or night out. Didn’t have time to really complete my hair, so bare with me on that part.  ]

IMG_1495IMG_1512IMG_1500 IMG_1508

Shirt: [A boutique in Destin, FL] Jeans: [Free People] Shoes: [Antelopes]

This outfit i literally threw on so we could rush to get some sunlight, but i love it. This shirt I found at a boutique at the beach. It’s kinda long so I tucked it in. I love the bell sleeves and the fact you can let the elastic top be regular square neckline or pull it off your shoulders, which I do. I love the bell sleeves, and the bell bottoms together.

Accessories: [ I used my own accessories for this outfit. ]

IMG_1514IMG_1513                                                          IMG_1540

Necklace: [Charming Charlie] Spoon Ring: [My Grandmother’s] Design Ring: [My Grandmother’s] Cross Ring & Other: [Claire’s]

I used a big rock stone with a bold color, like turquoise. This is a great way to bring a statement to your outfit. I used some of my grandmother’s antique rings she has given me into this outfit also. I love rings like this, and especially since they are antique it makes it 10 times better.

Hair: [All done by me. I took her hair like it was before and just created a simple messy bun with a rubber band, the bobby pins from the beginning. ]


I love when Raley wears her hair up. It’s so beautiful and I love the difference from it down and then up.

Raley’s 2nd Outfit: [ Some of it was hers, Some of it was mine. I have had this shirt for about 2 years now, and i saw it on a music video on CMT the other day! How crazy. Country star, Cassadee Pope, wears this exact shirt in her music video “Wasting All These Tears”. Pictures of Cassadee Pope in this shirt are posted as well. ]


My Shirt: [ Know Style ] Raley’s Jeans: [ Lotus Boutique ] My Heels: [Target]

I fell in love with this shirt the minute i saw it in the store. I have never really seen anything like it before. The bell sleeves are great, and the high-low aspect, but the detailing around the bend of the arm is what really makes this shirt pop. I paired it with some high-waisted jeans Raley had and then a pair of taupe strappy wedges I found at Target. Did I mention Target has great shoes?



Necklace: [ Soca ]

This outfit didn’t need too much so i paired it with this simple long necklace that has dark iridescent beads with a gold chain. I got this necklace at Soca in Tuscaloosa for 10$. It was on sale and was originally like 30$. CRAZY.

My 2nd Outfit: [ This outfit i didn’t change anything but the shirt… but let me tell you. I just bought this shirt, and it’s got to be one of my favorites. ]


Shirt: [Free People]

Like i said before, embroidery is IN. I also fell in love with this shirt the moment i saw it. The top black layer is leather and the bottom is super soft. I love the two tone texture along with the embroidery pattern on the chest. It’s such a pretty top, but the lace up and cut out definitely gives this shirt an edge as well. And.. it was on sale, even better.

Raley’s 3rd look: [ Inspired by Coachella. We love the look that the girls show off, like Vanessa Hudgens,  at the coachella music festival, so here’s a quick put together we did.]


Bralette: [Free People] Necklace: [Forever 21] Diamond Headband: [Urban Outfitters]

I know this was SO long… but we had fun. And i think this is a good starting place for my blog. I’m posting a gallery, below, of the rest of the photos we took if you wanna take a look. Most of them are outtakes, or just us messing around. But thank you all for your support and love.                              ❤ thebohobarbie

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