the first find

Hello everyone!

My blog has been receiving so many views and I have only had the “About” page up till now! Super excited. Thank you all for your support. ❤ 
If you click directly on the pictures, it will direct you to the website where you can buy them.
Anyways, here’s my first find of the week:

d8eeeec07d77c64cbeda9c6d21174c24  absolutely love this look., found if from pinterest.

A strong winter to spring – transitional outfit.

hat: I’ve been seeing these floppy style hats become more popular over the past few months and have fallen IN LOVE. I love the color of this hat, anything neutral goes. Found one i love similar to this : floppy brown hat37$

blouse: Embroidery is huge this year. I love white on white embroidery. It’s so simple, but beautiful. I have a shirt just like this one by free people. I couldn’t find the exact shirt but there are plenty of “flowy” white tops available at many stores.

white flowy embroidered blouse 128$

jeans: As far as jeans go, I would pair it with any shape jean, but for me my free people flare jeans are my favorite. They are elastic pull on jeans, that are super comfortable and so stylish.

flare jean pull on 78$

jewelry: The jewelry is perfect. Most boho jewelry consist of statement rock necklaces like this one. Any long style necklace would work for an outfit like this. Adding a bold color definitely helps brighten the outfit from “drab” to “fab” just like this turquoise color. LAYERING jewelry is also big this year. The more you layer, the more fantastic.

914666ac91b47b91ef4ebf154bd12f2b 4253b574bb8029fdbed404d4bbe7cd9f                                                                                 da8ef4caf526e4f0e1986f308b8b67a8 e7c1fd433bfa17bb183c8572ec10064c

shoes: If i was to wear this with my flare jeans, i would pair it with my favorite pair of antelopes. They are the most comfortable pair of heel/wedges that i own. Strapy neutral color sandals, or any cute neutral color flat would also work for this outfit.

51pucyvT6nL._SY395_189$ sandals100$

Thats it for my “First Find” ! Plan on having a photoshoot this weekend to style some of my favorite girls! Thank you! ❤ thebohobarbie

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